About the Bloggers

Devin Casey:  With more than 10 years combined service I bring military, intelligence, and civilian agency experience to the implementation and guidance of CUI programs. With a strong focus on effective policy and smart oversight I am here to help agencies spend security dollars more efficiently.
Favorite Teams: Patriots / Syracuse
Favorite Book: For Whom the Bell Tolls
Most Read Book: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
Interests: Computers, video games, tabletop games, home automation, Government policy & oversight
If I could pass one law: Double spaces after periods would be a crime punishable by replacing the individual’s computer with a typewriter.

Dawn Fairchild is a Program Analyst for the Information Security Oversight Office at the National Archives and Records Administration, where she supports the CUI website and online Registry. Before joining ISOO in 2010, she worked for more than 25 years in information technology and systems analysis/design for both public and private sector organizations.


Evan Coren Bio PhotoEvan Coren: With more than 18 years of experience in Federal government, including 7.5 years on the National Security Council staff and over 10 years on ISOO’s staff, Evan’s experience includes oversight of agency programs, interagency policy development and coordination, and helping agencies strengthen their programs.
With a Masters of Science from the London School of Economics in Comparative Politics with a focus on Comparative Constitutional Design, Evan looks at how humans, policies, procedures, training, and institutional design interact to produce specific outcomes.
Evan looks for opportunities to make policy user friendly and applied to achieve the desired policy goals.
Evan’s outside of work passions including: hiking, camping, reading history books, traveling, theater (particularly anything funny and/or musicals), board games, college basketball (Go Terps!), cooking and baking, and any chance to learn something new.

Mark Riddle is a Senior Program Analyst for the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) at the National Archives and Records Administration. He serves as Lead for implementation and oversight activities for the Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Program. He co-authored the National Institute for Standards and Technology Special Publication 800-171, Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information in Nonfederal Systems and Organizations (June 2015). This publication recommends standards for protecting CUI in nonfederal electronic environments that may be prescribed in agreements between Federal and non-Federal partners. Mr. Riddle consults with executive branch departments and agencies, and with industry and other non-Federal organizations on the structure and implementation of the CUI program, and its impact on the protection of sensitive information within these entities.

Charlene Wallace is a Management and Program Analyst for the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO).  Charlene worked under the Director of ISOO, for 9 years, supporting the day to day operations.  Currently Charlene works on the implementation team for the CUI Program.  As part of the implementation team, she consults executive branch departments, agencies, industry, and other non-Federal organizations on the structure and implementation of the CUI program.  Charlene’s outlook for the future with CUI is to help guide government, non-government, and industry groups to have a better understanding of the CUI program and to lend a helping hand along the way.