CUI Updated Training Videos

ISOO has developed seven new training modules. These videos offer the most up-to-date information about the CUI Program.

Agencies (and stakeholders) may wish to use these videos to supplement their CUI Program training. However, it is important to note that ISOO does not track completion of these modules, so if your organization wishes to require viewing of these videos as part of your CUI training program, you must download and run them from organization’s training platform.  MP4 versions will be made available for download from the CUI Registry in the coming weeks.

Questions and answers: Marking

by Mark Riddle

Markings during phased implementation

  1. When can I start using the CUI markings and following the requirements of the CUI Program?

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CUI and re-marking legacy Information

Agencies can waive the requirement to re-mark legacy information with the new CUI markings while the CUI is in their control.  The CUI Program does not require the agencies to re-mark unless reusing and sharing the information with others outside of their agency.  In addition, because the CUI regulation also contains flexibility in handling such things as existing on-line databases with numerous PDF documents, a flash screen may suffice to alert users that a law, Federal regulation, or Government-wide policy requires safeguarding and dissemination controls.