Agency review: Proposed category-subcategory list changes for easier use

In response to agency requests, we are proposing revisions to the CUI Registry’s list of categories and subcategories to make it easier to navigate and understand.  We’ve started with some small organizational changes that we hope will address confusion about the difference between categories and subcategories, clarify a few of the category names, and make it easier to find types of CUI on the Registry listing. These revisions are:

  • Changing the structure so the information is controlled only by category (replacing the current category and subcategory control structure) — eliminating the confusion about the role of categories vs subcategories
  • Grouping the categories by subject, called category-groupings, solely for organizational and finding purposes (not for control at that level)
  • Moving stand-alone categories under an applicable category-grouping
  • Creating new categories under the category-groupings to cover the information currently controlled at the category (instead of subcategory) level
  • Revising a few of the category names to clarify what they cover

For example:2.png

Another, more-involved, example:

1.pngThese proposals were discussed, along with agency comments and recommendations, during the last two CUI Advisory Council meetings, and a table showing the proposed changes was sent out to agency representatives for review and comment after each meeting.

The most-current version is currently out for agency review and feedback. Comments are due to CUI by COB December 15th.  If you are an agency Advisory Council representative or a CUI Program manager and would like to receive the table for review, please contact us at for a copy.



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